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Est. 2014 but far from new to the home improvement business. 18 years experience, I love what I do for work. To me it is an art seeing how beautiful each home/property turns out.
Better Home Improvement is in this business to last. We are building and paving the way for our children to one day take over. So our name to us is everything! A company you can rely on! Every job is expected to be a masterpiece, nothing less than a show piece is expected from ourselves and everyone working for Better Home Improvement. We want our customers to brag about us to the next potential customer. So the only way to last and build a great name is from excellent workmanship. That is our guarentee, our promise to every customer you can count on us doing a wonderful job! Make your dream home a reality by choosing a company that will make it happen.
 Owners: Curtis Cote, Cinny Lor, Robert Cote

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Better Home Improvement LLC

  How hard is it to find a company that you can feel cofortable with? Reliable, trustworthy, understanding, fair. I know this much... I have gone through 6 auto mechanics. I was scammed, beaten up on price, and quality didn't cut it. I had to learn hands on, but I couldn't do everything so I needed someone I could trust to do everything . With us You do not have to hire us for one thing and find another contractor to do the other things. We made it a goal to learn more than roofing or just Siding. We do all Exteriors. Decks, Gutters, Roofing of every type, Siding of every type, 3 season porches, triple decker porches, Enclosures or small additions, framing... and on and on the knowledge we have goes. Interior painting, flooring, framing, drywall. My point is this.. we want our customers to come to us everytime. Once you feel comfortable you don't want to risk being burned with someone else. It is sad to even say that, but in this world it happens often.
Established 2014, Me, My twin brother and beautiful fiance decided to start a company together... For me and my brother we always knew there was nothing else we wanted to do. We truly love what we do in this business. We love the interaction with new customers, we enjoy working outside, But what we love the most, is how we transform each project to a work of art. Me and my brother growing up were always artists, drawing, painting and wood working, we could not see a piece of paper or wood without drawing or building something. Our entire family growing up was in the home improvement business one way or another. Carpenters, roofers, wall paper you name it they did it. Our dad first took us to work at 12-13 years old to clean up his roof job. It was some serious hard labor, we made 20.00 after working 10 hours. But we were hooked! Our Grandfather, Father, Uncles all did Siding & Roofing, 3 generations of knowledge handed down to us. We were destined to be in this line of work. If you ask yourself the question "who should we hire" I would say this... Hire a company that has passion in their job. Someone that wants to go that extra mile to make your home stand out. Details are everything. Not everyone running a construction company can honestly say they love what they do and mean it when it comes to the work side to it, they might love the money, but do they love the job. We love showing off the work we do by taking pictures and posting them all for everyone to see. We go above and beyond customer expectation. Other companies will sub the work to other companies, to be able to sub the work out they need to charge twice the amount. We are always on the jobs or you will always find family members.

Westminster, MA  Deck w/ Privacy wall built for Sauna in back yard

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