We are a new company, Established 2014. Far from new to the Home Improvement Business, w/ 18 years experience we made it our goal to learn everything we can in this business. We know when you find someone you can trust and depend on, you don't want to be referred to more contractors to fulfill all your home tasks. So with us you don't have to. We are a family business, everyone working for Better Home Improvement is full of knowledge and everyone works great together. We want to build a long lasting name for ourselves. So we stay ahead of our competition by excellent quality work w/ our family values. Me and my Twin brother Robert started in the business learning from our Dad, Uncles and our GrandFather. 3 generations of knowledge handed down to us. We look forward to our children being the next in line. Better Home Improvement wants every job to be a master piece, Every job we do is and will be posted in with all of our photos, for our customers to enjoy, That is the pride we have for our work.

CO-Owner: Curtis Cote

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